T.H.C-P (The Hemp Coffee Project)


How it all began

Back in Aug of 2018 Empire Java was approached by one of New York's licensed hemp farmers and asked if we could assist them in a researched project they're doing. They wanted to know if we would be willing to try roasting hemp seeds in one of our test roasters to see if it could be done. After many failed attempts and several batches of burnt seeds we found a way to roast the seeds without them catching on fire. 

How about Hemp Coffee?

With the aroma of both roasted hemp seeds and freshly roasted coffee in the air it almost seemed destine to happen.  The blend of those two smells produced something that the advanced nose of Empire Java had try and combine in a coffee. 

Unleash the creative genius of Empire Java.

What would be the perfect bean to blend with this amazing, Omega 3, Omega 6 and protein packing wonder and how could we do it? Well that's a closely guarded secret that only the owners of Farm and Peace and Empire Java share.   

What does it taste like?

It starts with a wonderful taste of black current, Georgian peach and finishes with pistachios and chocolate. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

^^ Click that link you won't be sorry ^^

Discover The Hemp Coffee for yourself made with NY hemp.