Coffee Brewing Tips. ( How to brew coffee 2019 )



The Chemex is a great clean/crisp way to brew our coffee ( and it's very easy). We stick to a 52g/700g coffee to water ratio. Allow blooming to occur for 45 seconds then finish your pour. Our goal is to allow water to strain for a total of 3:30 minutes including bloom time. The idea water temp is 207 f. 

Vacuum Pot

The Vacuum Pot is a great way to extract the full flavor of our coffee.  This brew method is used by many professionals and requires practice and close attention to detail. There are many great instructional videos online to get you started. We recommend you use a 22g/400g coffee to water ratio. 

French Press

This is by far one of the most popular coffee brewing methods for the home user and many restaurants. We recommend a for the standard 8 cup a 56g/850g coffee water ratio. Allow coffee to bloom for 45 seconds covering all grounds. After 45 seconds, let soak for a total of 3:30 minutes including bloom time. It's important to pour coffee and remove from grounds and do not let it soak for more than 3:30. Ideal water temp is 207 f. 

Standard Drip

Your standard in home coffee maker is also a very popular method, your typical in home filter or drip coffee maker recommends 1g/17g coffee water ratio. We've found that with a 32oz coffee maker 9 table spoons seems to work well or 94g of coffee. 

Ice Cap

Everyone loves a good " Ice Cap ". We start with 700g of vanilla ice cream, 700g of cubed or crushed ice and 28g of freshly brewed coffee. Blend in the blender until desired consistency. We use the magic bullet and it seems to work great. In our opinion the best coffee of our to use with this is fast twitch, however many enjoy chain grease too.

Old Fashion Perk

The stove top or old fashion peculator is a traditional stove top method and many still use it today.  With this recommend 1 table spoon per cup of water. So if you have a 40 cup set up you'll use roughly 2.5 cups of coffee.